Disaster Recovery & Insurance Restoration

The Eco Construction Group Difference

At Eco Construction Group we pride ourselves on being the best disaster repair companies in Central Florida. One thing that distinguishes us from our competition is that we are not a franchise. We have our President Bobby Rhodes on site and are involved personally with you in every step of the way. Some of our competition started as carpet cleaners that added emergency services and restoration to their name or services offered. These companies for example that are entering the Insurance Repair industry do not know how to work with your insurance company and you to help get your home back to its original condition quickly. We specialize in residential insurance claim services that include water, fire, mold, storm, tree, vandalism, disaster, and sewage damage. We also specialize in emergency tarp covering and board-ups after you experience one of these disasters.

What do I need to know before calling my insurance company to report a storm-related claim?

Before calling your insurance company’s claim department, there are several things you need to know. It is always a good idea to contact a reputable storm restoration contractor for a full property damage inspection or consultation. If you see damage to your home, Eco Construction Group will consult with you about your damage, visually inspect, and provide you with a full detailed estimate for repairs. We will inspect your roof, doors, windows, siding, paint, gutters, vents, air conditioning units, concrete, encompassing all areas or protective shell of your home. If we see that you have sustained damaged, you will want to take immediate action to limit your home’s exposure to the elements. Eco Construction Group has the experience and knowledge to repair all types of storm damage while working for you through the complex insurance claims process.

What is Fire Damage Restoration?

Fire Damage Restoration is the process of returning your property back to its pre-fire and smoke damage condition. This process includes restoring any recoverable household or personal content items while repairing any unrecoverable sections of your home. As a registered and licensed Florida Building Contractor, we will clean and repair the damage to any part of your home. This includes repairing or replacing HVAC, plumbing, and electrical components, all structural and framing systems, roofing, and complete interior and exterior reconstruction all under our umbrella. Along with the structural damage from the actual fire come the soot, smoke damage, and odor control. Our experienced team is trained to locate all soot, which can sometimes be overlooked and unseen. We will then clean and deodorize the entire affected area to remove the soot and bad odor. Other damage that can occur on a fire damage house is water and mold damage. If the fire department is called out and they have to extinguish the fire with water then you will have significant water damage to your home. If this water sits in your home for more than 24 hours then you will probably start to have mold growth.

Do we repair our Home or Need to rebuild a New Home?

It Ultimately Depends on the situation. Yes, if your home can be salvaged and repaired under your homeowner policy limits, then you should definitely call a professional restoration company. From our past experiences, you should consult with a professional Fire, Water, and Smoke Damage Restoration Company. We highly recommend using a professional company because of the complexity of the damage and unique situation. Our team at Eco Construction Group offers you a free consultation in regards to your damaged property. We will talk with you about all the visible and hidden damages to your home, and we can discuss the potential hazards for you, your family, and your pets. Another reason you should use a professional Restoration company is that they can help expedite your claim. Also, the restoration company will have to get building permits from your local building department to complete the work. No, if your home is a total loss under your homeowner insurance policy limits, then it is probably in your best interest to consult with a new home builder, such as Eco Construction Group, because the insurance company will just write you a check for your policy limits. We will be able to remove your existing structure and start new, and their business model is setup to save money on a new home. Either situation we can help repair your damaged property or reconstruct a new home to help get you and your family back into your home.

What should I do about my Personal Contents after a fire?

Home fires cause significant damage not only to the structure of a house but also to the contents inside a home. Once you have your emergency services addressed, the next step is getting a company to handle and clean your contents. Getting your contents and personal items out of your house is an immediate and time sensitive issue and should be done as soon as possible. This usually can be arranged by your professional restoration company. These companies are known as textile restoration and content pack-out companies. We specialize in a one-stop solution for all your disaster repair needs. Other things that need to be removed are soft metals. Metals that can pit easily are highly impacted by the acidic soot caused by a fire. These metals need to be clean as soon as possible to prevent damage. Examples of soft metals include copper, brass, gold, and silver.

What happens if I have a large loss and get displaced from my home?

If you have a large loss fire claim, then you will probably be displaced from your home for an amount of time. Sometimes this can be years before returning to your home. Getting displaced from your home could be a major challenge especially if you have children. Having a disaster family counselor talk with everyone in the family could help the metal mind-set of everyone involved. You and your family’s physical and mental well-being should be the number one priority during a claim. Our Policy is as always Family First, then worry about the material things that can be replaced.

The things you need to consider when you get displaced from your home:

Family and friends, school/school districts, employment, mail delivery, utility bills, laundry, additional living expenses, claim process, etc. Also, if you or your family’s identifications were destroyed such as driver’s licenses, birth certificates, you may have to get new ones. Another point we would like to talk about when getting displaced is Additional Living Expenses (ALE)/Loss of Use Coverage: coverage in your homeowner’s insurance policy that covers your exceeded normal expenses prior to the loss. You should talk with your insurance company representative (agent or adjuster) to find out the details related to additional living expenses. You should also talk to them about temporary housing. Most insurance organizations have companies that have fully furnished homes, apartments, condominiums, or townhouse available for you to stay at while your claim proceeds.

Water and Mold Restoration FAQs

Should I Really Hire a Professional Water Extraction Company? Yes, you should definitely hire a professional company. Normally, professional companies use industry leading equipment that can penetrate deeper and extract more water and moisture then residential homeowners can buy or use. After the majority of the water damage is extracted, professional companies continue to monitor and extract moisture from the air to prevent mold growth. We stand behind our work with written guarantees and warranties on all our work. If you are going to file an Insurance Claim, then professional companies, like Eco Construction Group, will negotiate with your insurance company to get a settled price and scope of work. Another reason you need a professional company is for the removal of water damage debris. Some examples could be: carpet, carpet padding, drywall, wood floors, light and electrical fixtures, tile, and/or baseboards. Our experts know how much to cut-out to make sure repairs will be a seamless and efficient transition for you. We build a custom protocol to your specific home because no disaster repair is the same

How do I prevent Mold inside my home or buildings?

A routine building and home visual inspection looking for evidence of damage and visible mold at least once a month will help prevent or be proactive with mold. You need to look for water leaks, condensation, infiltration, flooding, standing water, or high humidity should be corrected to prevent mold from growing inside your home or building. Another maintenance issue you should do is changing your air filter with a high efficiency filter at least once every three months.

What do I do after I had the water damage extracted or removed?

Depending on the water removal methods and based on category and class of the water, the next step is to determine the restoration methods to be used. Because of the destructive power of water, methods are determined based on the amount of water and time to full mitigation. Depending on your situation, usually, the next step is to have a contractor prepare an estimate or scope for the damage. Your insurance company’s property claims adjuster or representative will also write their own estimate and scope of the damage to compare with the Contractor’s estimate.

What is our action plan for my problem?

Our action plan will be customized to your exact problem and situation because every situation is different. We will send a Technician, Estimator, and/or a Project Manager to evaluate your problem and situation. Your assigned person will talk with you about our action plan for your needs and situation. During the review of the estimate you should have any questions you have ready to ask your estimator. They should provide you with answers on who will be your project manager, timeline, and what the repairs/restoration entails. They will try to answer all your questions in a timely and efficient manner. Any questions that arise during the process, you can and should ask your project manager or estimator.

Should I Really Use A Contractor?

Yes. Unless you have a construction background or a General Contractor License you should at least talk with a restoration company. Depending on your situation, you might need building permits, follow building codes, and manage a crew of laborers to do the work; you would have to be the General Contractor at your home. Some good questions to ask yourself are: Do you have the time, construction, construction management, and insurance claim management knowledge? Do you want to be responsible if the people you hire get seriously hurt, do poor quality work, or steal personal belongings from your home? Is it worth your home, your family, or your future security? We are Licensed General Contractors, Eco Construction Group is insured to cover all our workers that work in your home. We also give a warranty on all our work and we stand behind it. This gives you the peace of mind that if something went wrong; our insurance covers our workers, employees, and work so you are not held liable to cover the cost. We still strongly encourage you to use a Professional, Licensed, and Insured Restoration Company to help you get your house back to being your home our family at Eco Construction Group is dedicated to getting you back into your home as quickly and safely as possible.