Remodels, Renovations & Additions

Your remodeling project is important to you and therefore, it’s important to us. At Eco Construction we realize how your remodel takes on a life of its own. We strive to ensure that your home remodeling is smooth and on-schedule, from acquiring the necessary permits until the final inspection of your new and improved home is completed. Our meticulous planning and incomparable attention to detail ensures that the end result is even better than you imagined. As your complete remodeling company, our experts work tirelessly to remodel any aspect of your home or business.

Energy Efficient Remodeling

Whether maximizing Residential or Commercial Energy efficiency is your objective, Eco Construction Group has the knowledge and expertise to reach your energy efficiency goals.

Home Remodeling

From Interior to Exterior we can take your ideas and provide you a detailed scope of work that will best suit the finished product while maintaining your budget and timeline to help keep your project run as smooth and as clean as possible.

Condo Remodeling

A condominium will normally provide basic necessities for living, often these feature may need to be customized to your wants and needs. With that in mind we will help you through the process of any phase from floor to ceiling for your remodeling needs. Have Eco Construction Group help you by renovating your condo into a space you’ll love to call your own.

Disaster Remodeling

When disaster strikes many homeowners will need immediate assistance for their families. The minute you call Eco Construction Group we will help handle all of your homes needs to make sure your insurance is dedicating all of the proper resources to making your home whole again. We have serviced all types of disaster reconstruction from a plumbing leak, to fallen tree damage, to a complete house fire disaster. We are your source to promptly correct whatever the disaster situation and get you back into your properly remodeled home.

Commercial Remodeling

Our expertise and experience in creating spaces to fit special needs and requirements is thoughtfully custom-designed for your specific industry. We provide quality and courteous service with commercial remodels of exteriors and interiors in businesses to create better working spaces or to update and improve the curb appeal. Space remodeling requires more attention to design as well as traffic and work patterns. And since office and retail space is usually more expensive to rent — because of the location — space has to be on the minds of designers at all times.  There are as many types of offices and retail spaces as there are any other commercial designs, and most have different functions From a medical /Dental Office to Commercial Suite Build Out Eco Construction Group can help customize your business needs while focusing on detail to maintain a comfortable and practical approach to designing your office needs. Here are some examples below.

Commercial Suite Build Outs

Commercial suite build outs are essential to maximizing the space and requirements for your future clients. We have helped many previous clients help build out open commercial spaces to a custom detailed office to specifically focus on their business needs. Medical Offices/Dental Offices: These build outs are remodeled with keeping in mind that the design of the space is key for health care providers share with the public. A medical office design is focused around a waiting room that is aesthetically pleasing and comfortable for the patients while they are actually seen by a doctor in a private setting, allowing them to talk to the medical professionals.