One Point of Contact From Start to Finish

We specialize in the Design-Build construction delivery method serving Mt. Dora, Lake County and the greater Central Florida area. This means we are the single point of contact for your entire project, from the design phase all the way through the construction phase. We ensure that your project is executed efficiently and in line with your vision. Our Team works together in collaboration to streamline your project from start to finish.

We Do It All, And We Do It All For You.

Rather than hiring an Architect, Engineer and Contractor separately, we simplify the process by bringing each aspect of your construction project together under one roof. This leads to greater efficiency that saves you time and money. Design-Build is a more cost effective method because it removes expensive delays usually associated with traditional methods of separating architect from contractor. Less moving parts in the process also means less friction, resulting in a simple straightforward process.

Efficient & Rapid Delivery with No Excuses.

Our clients in Mt. Dora and the greater Central Florida area benefit from reduced stress by only having to meet with one company. We are solely responsible for the entire project and do not have to defer you to anyone else.

Keys To Your New Home
From Dream Design – To Welcome Home. That’s Design-Build by Eco Construction Group.

Please Contact Us so that we can start your Design-Build Construction project today.