About Eco Construction Group

Our Mission Statement

“Combine leadership with effective communication to create mutual agreements driving exceptional results.”

Eco Construction Group has been serving the Central Florida area, including all of Orange County and Orlando, with quality construction since 2008.  We are one of two sister companies, the second of which is Green Solar Solutions, a specialist in solar technology and retrofits. Our primary focus at Eco Construction Group is construction of energy efficient and eco friendly homes as well as select commercial projects.

President, Bobby Rhodes, is a lifetime Florida resident, born and raised in Lake County Eustis, Fl. After graduating from Florida State and being part of the National Football BCS Championship Team in 1999 Bobby became a flight instructor with ComAir Aviation. Bobby then returned to his roots of construction learned while at Florida State University. Bobby has taken his pride in construction along with the idea that sustainability is the key to our future as a community to help found Eco Construction Group. We have seen the effects of low quality construction and how it affects each family over their lifetime. As a result of wanting to make a change in the homes and businesses built in Lake County, we want to eliminate the old building practices that are inefficient and out of date and introduced new construction methods that work and are efficient to improve the quality of our homes and also the quality of life for our clients. Bobby has made it his goal to raise the standard of custom homes built in his home state by embracing eco-friendly building methods and making them a realistic and affordable option.