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Eustis Florida Green Custom Home Builders

We are Eustis FL’s Premier home builder of Custom Homes implementing energy efficient and eco-friendly construction.

Custom home construction can be challenging, but with attention to detail and the new technologies that we incorporate into a home, it can also be rewarding. The biggest question we get on a day to day basis is how our homes are different from other builders and how does this translate to green construction? Our answer is simple…. Eco Construction Group has made a choice to make knowledge the forefront of our construction practices. Understanding how the different systems that go into building one of our homes influence each other while affecting the overall energy efficiency and comfort within a home is paramount.

When it comes to green building you MUST take a holistic approach. Any part of the system that is not designed and constructed correctly will have adverse effects on all the other systems involved. Consider a house with a very tight energy efficient building envelope. If the energy calculations and the different components that make up the building envelope have not been designed appropriately, the systems involved will not work to their designed capacities and losses in energy efficiency will be evident. For example, return air must be designed and engineered as a fundamental part of the pre-construction process well before any work begins to ensure the HVAC system and recovery air (Fresh Air) operate correctly. Unfortunately, details like this are often overlooked. Once these items are calculated they must be tested to ensure optimal performance. We test the building envelope and the duct work after these phases have been completed to ensure our homes obtain maximum comfort level which also greatly affects the indoor air quality, humidity within a structure, and overall occupant comfort. This is just one piece of the puzzle that can greatly affect the energy efficiency, creating moisture issues, hot spots, abnormal humidity levels, and system performance.

Our custom homes are built to your exact specifications and we guide you through every step of the construction process to help you understand what features will benefit you the most and how our attention to detail in custom construction can bring those dreams to a reality. We have built custom homes ranging in size from 1,500 sq. ft. to over 8,000 sq. ft. We have a high standard for our custom homes and understand how to combine energy efficient construction with custom detail and provide you with a home you will be proud to call your own. Our previous customers are our best advertisers. We can take you to any of our previous jobs to not only walk through and see our quality of construction but also ask our clients questions regarding our work and what to expect when building with Eco Construction Group. Please contact us so we can help turn your dream Custom Home into a smart, efficient, sustainable investment.