Orlando Insulated Concrete Form Construction

Commercial and Residential clients expect to get more from their structure and Eco Construction Group is providing the answers to obtain such expectations of beauty being more than just skin deep. ICF (Insulated Concrete Form) construction is built more solid, with higher quality, greater energy efficiency, significantly greater comfort and the best possible amount of security all while achieving Lower energy bills and maintenance costs. Additionally, an ICF structure is healthier to live in, and better for the environment. It’s becoming harder and harder to meet their new expectations with the conventional building technology such as concrete block and stick framed construction. So more often buyers are turning to a smarter decision, ICF Construction. Insulating Concrete Forms (ICFs) give you all the benefits that have made concrete the material of choice for construction with adding a method of lasting construction that resists the ravages of devastating weather and fire. Additionally ICF’s do what plain concrete cannot; ICF’s give you 2 layers of built in Foam Insulation. This gives an ICF structure significantly greater energy efficiency, a noticeably quieter interior while creating a solid, high-quality building package that gives an ICF home an utterly remarkable feel that must be experienced to be believed. From the moment you step into an ICF structure, you can tell that and ICF structure comfortable, quiet, and you can feel that it’s solid, built to last.

Why use ICF exterior walls?

Eco Construction Group was founded on the principles of safety, health, efficiency, and most notably durability. We will help guide you through all phases of construction and explain why our building practices are the best applied in the construction industry.

ICF in a Nutshell

Insulated concrete forms (ICFs) are expanded polystyrene panels (foam panels 2.5” thick on the exterior and interior walls) that easily interlock to assemble a solid poured concrete core wall that can have a core width from 4” Thick to over 12” inches solid poured concrete. The open space between the panels is filled with concrete that once cured will harden into a monolithic reinforced concrete wall of incredible strength. The panels, which remain in place, add to the concrete’s superior thermal mass, providing energy savings of over 50%. In addition to energy savings ICF also boasts of many health, comfort and structural benefits for the homeowner.

What are the benefits of ICF?


ICF construction is significantly more durable than any other type of wall on the open market. Once the walls have cured the wind load and shear ability of the ICF walls will withstand the harshest weather that Mother Nature can generate. We can engineer and construct walls to withstand over 210 MPH wind rating.

Reduced Energy Costs

ICF walls act as an energy reservoir that reduces temperature fluctuations and energy transfer. The concrete walls of an ICF home have a high thermal mass which means that the heat slowly builds up in the wall, as the sun shines on it during the day, to release it into the interior during the night. This ability to store heat and release it when needed, acts as a buffer for the interior of the home from the extremes of outdoor air temperature and therefore contributes to the energy savings. Also contributing to energy savings, is the fact that an ICF home is extremely air-tight and the ICF walls have consistent insulation throughout the home. This is because there are no joints existing between walls, or walls and floors. This prevents conditioned air leaking from the interior to the exterior of the home. The outside air stays out and the inside air, stays in. ICF R Value is extremely high which will translate to savings year after year and put more money into your wallet than into your power company’s pocket.


ICF homes have increased in popularity dramatically over the past 10 years. This increase in demand has driven production with many new suppliers and a range of options to choose from. The current cost to build with ICF is approximately 10-15% more than CMU construction methods. We also own the braces or supports to install the ICF in house which will reduce the overall cost of your project by keeping the ICF work costs down to a minimum.

Indoor Air Quality

When you enter an ICF home you will have a noticed difference in sound, humidity, and also indoor air quality. This is created by the double layer foam insulation along with the solid pour of concrete. This solid construction creates no transfer of currents within wall cavities. As a result these homes provide a healthy indoor environment. The measurement of the air contents of actual ICF houses shows an almost complete absence of any emissions
Mold Control
Eco Construction’s ICF concrete home does not provide the food (Organic Material Found in wood) necessary to support mold, mildew or any sort of toxic fungus. Through our design and control of materials once they reach our jobsites we help minimize or eliminate the opportunity for any future issues with Mold Growth.

Increased Fire Resistance

Of all construction materials, concrete is one of the most resistant to heat and fire. Such fire resistance gives houses built with insulating concrete forms (ICFs) certain safety advantages. ICF concrete structures are created to with high burn temperatures where other materials will incur a much lower thermal breakdown temperature such as wood or metal. Unlike wood, concrete does not burn. Unlike steel, it does not soften and bend. Concrete does not break down until it is exposed to thousands of degrees Fahrenheit. Concrete walls have also proven more resistant to allowing fire to pass from one side of the wall to the other. The protection is a proven scientific fact also a protection that will translate to years of durability and increased resale value.

Less Repair and Maintenance

With an Eco Construction built ICF home, concrete and polystyrene are inorganic materials which means no Rot or Rust. This equates to less Repair and Maintenance and increased resale Value. When considering all of the attributes ICF has for your new home the choice becomes clear to use ICF for your home’s exterior walls. Eco Construction Group appreciates the opportunity to provide you with the most efficient and durable home for your family.